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The Blessing

To Those I Care About Carleen Richards Most of all I pray that you begin and develop your own personal relationship with the one true God. I pray that the eyes of your heart see and your heart understand the goodness and blessing that already exist in your life. God is all around you.

May the rough places within you and around you become smooth, as you get to know the Lord better. May the confusing and crooked places in your path of life become straight and illuminated so that you walk and live in peace. May knowledge and wisdom crown your head and understand and discernment thrive in your heart.

May you see yourself through the eyes of God and may it change your life for the good forever. May you live your life according to His precepts (His word in the Holy Bible) so all that your hands do will prosper. May the Lord grant you success and may His favor extend to you. May you accept His forgiveness and mercy and grasp just how much He loves you…just how much the God of heaven is for you!

Do not be afraid or live in despair…the Lord Almighty is the Creator of heaven and earth and He can create a way for you. He doesn't expect perfection from you…He just wants a true relationship with you. If you follow His ways your life will be blessed.

May God's protection and provision flood your life as you walk in His way. May His favor overwhelm you so that you are always smiling. May your heart swell with gladness and your heart soar with hope, because you serve the living God. Be filled with humble ambition and commit to obey the Lord, because He will make you great for Him.

The Lord is willing and able to turn your life and circumstances around and to make your dreams a reality. Do not delay…turn your life over to Him. Forget the past and be not concerned for the future, because the Lord holds your life in His hands. Truly, when you walk with the Lord you are in good hands.

All God's best to you,

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